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We're not your same old, same old

Since the beginning, our goal at The Venue at Wildflower Ridge has been to help our clients realize their unique and personal visions for their weddings and other special events. We’re in the business of hosting experiences you and your guests will want to remember forever. We believe that every element of your celebration should be special, starting with the central hub; the venue. Wildflower Ridge is  filled with white walls and black fixtures - so whichever color you choose for your wedding will make the perfect pop! We're here to be your blank slate.

Can't decide if you want an indoor or outdoor space? That's OK, we're versatile and flexible! We will be set up for patio ceremonies, surrounded in acres of wildflowers but also offer a space under our gorgeous 30 foot, climate controlled atrium wall if you would prefer an indoor event. We know planning any event is hard work and we're here to help - and know we do not take this responsibility lightly. Trust us, we cherish these special moments just as much as you!

The Venue at Wildflower Ridge is a place that offers you space and privacy for your special event. Our, brand new building is sure to wow your guests while providing the comfort and charm you deserve! We're the only venue in the area that offers such privacy and uniqueness. The staff at Wildflower Ridge is devoted to genuinely getting to know you and making all your dreams come true; the overall experience is so, so important to us. We genuinely LOVE making new friends who grow into our WR family!


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